Website Design Tips for Gyms & Personal Trainers

One of the most common problems we’ve found whilst working with PT’s and Gyms, is that they don’t have a website, and if they do, it isn’t very user-friendly. In this day and age, it’s vital to maintain a professional digital presence to attract and retain new clients. If you’re not performing online, you’re going to miss out on a good share of potential new customers.

Creating an engaging website, where customers can explore the facilities and services you offer, book their next session with you, or simply have a nosey around to get a look and feel for your gym, is crucial to making yourself stand out from your competition.

Here are some of our website design tips for professionals in the health and fitness.

Useful, Original & Relevant Content
The most important feature of your website is the content you put on it! Your site should be as broadly appealing as possible so as not to put potential customers off, but also needs to meet the specific needs of your target market. Posting fresh content in the form of a blog is a great way to educate and inform both potential and existing customers, whilst positioning yourself as an expert in your field. Creating original and relevant content also boosts your site’s SEO ranking (where you rank on Google), so is a great way to increase the amount of organic traffic to your site.

Simple Layout & Mobile Optimisation
Now that you’ve spent some time perfecting your website’s content, you want your visitors to be able to find it quickly and easily. This is where your website’s layout comes into play. Your site should be simple, clean and easy to navigate on all devices. According to Google, 61% of internet users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing, with 40% visiting a competitor’s site instead. It’s crucial your website looks great and is easy to use on both mobile and desktop devices, otherwise visitors will bounce and find a competitor offering a better user experience.

Professional Photos & Video
When it comes to photos or videos on your website, go big or go home! Quality is crucial! High quality photographs and videos immediately make your website look more professional and are a great way to showcase the facilities and services you have on offer. Be sure to get some great shots of your team too, as photos and videos are able to capture the feel and culture of your gym in a way that text alone cannot.

Client Testimonials
Client testimonials are a proven way to boost the conversion rate of your website. Don’t be shy to ask your regulars what they like about your gym or PT sessions and remember to use photos and videos to back up their claims with hard evidence. Before and after shots are a great way to showcase your personal training talents!

Online Booking
An online booking system is a great way to convert leads into customers and retain your current clients’ business. There are multiple platforms out there to choose from, ranging from free to monthly subscriptions. Whatever one you go for, make sure it’s properly integrated with your website, easy to find and matches your branding.

Links to Social Media and Email
Be sure to include links to your social media channels or email newsletter on your website. This way, you can continue to engage with leads and convert them into customers. As an extra tip: make sure these links open in a separate tab or window, ensuring visitors remain on your site as well as your social pages.

If you need help putting together any of the above (and more) into place on your website, be sure to find a digital agency that understands your business and industry. We specialise in working with professionals in the health and fitness industry, so please get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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